Double Concerto

Nimikry, a double concerto was written as a commission of Divertimento Ensemble in 2016. The work explores and exploits the possibilities of two innovative instruments, which are the keystone of the nimikry project. The viola and the bass ute are augmented with the implement of technology and open up a totally new world of sounds. This con- certo features 3 prototypes at once. Furthermore the composition deals with the genre of the concerto, and tries to nd a balance between virtuoso playing and musical expression.

Although the chosen musical language is very radical, the concerto is formally quite tradi- tional and in some parts refers to a romantic expression, as well as a poetic gesture.

The work is divided roughly in 2 sections. After a soft introduction, where the two soloist play without any ampli cation, so as to present the instruments which are the main char- acters of the piece, the ensemble interrupts it abruptly and leads to the Adagio, where the viola introduces a melodic line. Soon starts a duo between the ute (playing ampli ed internal whistle tones) and the viola featuring a moving harmonizer which creates a foggy sound. The ensemble shines in the back blurred by reverb and constant glissandi as well as a gleaming vibrato moving among all the instruments.

After a massive crescendo, a pathetic climax leads to the beginning of the second part of the piece, which tries to show all the virtuosic possibilities of the innovative instruments. Techno-like passages involve the ensemble in a spiral of crescendo. The ensemble is often used to color and expand the soloist part. Singular gestures and sounds of the soloists are orchestrated through the instruments in the ensemble, which become an augmentation of the soloists. Rhythmical complexity as well as an extended use of repetitions shape this elaborate presto which brings the soloists to overcome the ensemble and deconstruct it

nally. A fury of colors and energy ends the cadenza leading the ensemble to stutter over a quote of dial-up internet sound.

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