Classic meets Hi-Tech

Custom made Digital Fingerboard

The viola is equipped with a fully digitalised ngerboard operated through Arduino, which transmits the data about the ngered pitches to Max MSP. The data accuracy is very high (4096 steps), which allows extreme precision and high sound quality. The ngered pitches can be assigned through Max MSP to any parameter, each string independently. Even the amplitude can be exactly mapped.

The signal of the pickup microphone controls the dynamics of the sound, so that the latter accurately resembles the playing experience on the acoustic instrument.

This, together with the high accurate 12bit AD ngerboard, ensures a vivid sound as well as an enormous amount of data that can be assigned to any live processing. Vi- brato and microtonal deviations can be precisely mapped. The 4 strings allow to have 4 di erent voices each of which can be assigned to di erent sounds (or even control processing).

This completely opens up new possibilities in playing the viola. It can e.g. be used as a multi-ribbon controller played with both hands or when connected to an analog synth it can control any cv/gate module.

ABmap System

High-pressure waterproof Mics inside + Key-Mapping System

The bass ute is ampli ed using miniature microphones placed on a carbon stick xed inside the tube. The microphones are distrubuted over the whole length of the instrument so that they cover the whole spectrum. Although the miniature cardioids display a high sound pressure level (136dB), they are used just for the ampli cation of percussive sounds such as tongue-, air-sounds and keyclicks.

In addition, the ute features a special pickup located inside the headjoint of the instrument for the ampli cation of the normal ute sound.

A digital interface coordinates the matrix and levels of the microphones. The instrument is equipped with a conductive membrane placed on the back of the keys. This control device allows to map 12 keys simultaneously at low latency but with a high accuracy. The blue- tooth antenna allows a wireless connection to the Max MSP Interface.


The bass flute, as other wind instruments creates different notes by pressing a precise combination of keys. The mapping system aims to digitalize the combinations and to assign note values to digital sounds f.e. synthesizers. To do this the instrument is armed with a system of conductive layers that transmit to the computer the information whether one key is pressed or not. The combinations are then analyzed by the hardware and software and translated into numbers that can be assigned in any digital audio workstation to a virtual instrument.

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